"Running makes you an athlete in all areas of life."


Golden Running Academy is the premiere platform for young runners to pursue and attain their goals. Based in the foothills of beautiful Golden, Colorado, our mission is to provide a program where youth have fun and run competitively in middle and long distance events.

After a year of offering an informal youth running group, Golden Running Academy was launched by a group of parents in the fall of 2015. The focus – to give young runners the opportunity to train with professional coaches in a supportive group setting where kids could enjoy and push one another. Many of our young athletes previously trained with moms and dads, private coaches, or on treadmills.

We believe that individual results are strengthened and secured through group training with peers. The group methodology is designed specifically to develop leaders, teach accountability, create friendly competition, and build respect and support for one another. Instilling a love for running and healthy living, the pursuit of excellence, and team camaraderie are all core pillars of our program.


 Dedicated runners who are self-driven and focused on being the top athletes on the local, state, and world stage.

 A team that embraces the notion that we become better runners more by what we do collectively than individually.

 Professional coaches who endeavor to maximize each runner’s potential.

 Supportive parents who enthusiastically applaud effort and sportsmanship.

 Competitors in road races, CHSAA races and USATF events.

Currently serving the Denver-Metro area.