Train your weaknesses, Race your strengths


You may not be a fast runner now, but be prepared to become one! Developing middle and distance runners is not something that happens overnight. For most runners, success is the result of building a solid foundation over time (a great reason to start early!). At Golden Running Academy, we have created a comprehensive, year-round training program that offers kids and teens of all abilities the tools and the training to become faster and smarter runners. 

Our team is divided into two training levels: the Development Program and the Competitive Program. In addition, we offer a high school track preseason program specifically designed to prepare high school runners for the spring track and field season. All programs focus on the long-term development of the athlete and emphasize that running is only one component of becoming a successful athlete. The programs are built on the foundation of a fit and healthy lifestyle, incorporating strength and conditioning exercises, teaching proper stretching techniques, and promoting the importance of nutrition and hydration.  All of the training is designed to maintain a positive, safe and fun environment.

While we are focused on developing competitive runners, GRA is home to a number of multi-sport athletes who have discovered that our training is an ideal complement to a myriad of other sports. Our programs are designed to improve speed, form and fitness level, promoting the development of a wide range of athletic skills. GRA also strives to develop life skills in our athletes, creating an environment that cultivates discipline, confidence, sportsmanship and team camaraderie.

Golden Running Academy encourages and welcomes runners of all ages and abilities. Our fee structure is set up to accommodate athletes who train with us year-round, as well as those who attend our sessions as a way to augment their training for another sport.

Athletes are welcome to join the team for a FREE placement week of practices, with prior notification.


GRA’s Development Program is dedicated to developing a passion for running in kids, and to setting young athletes on a pathway to a fit and healthy lifestyle. The program is designed for beginning runners who want to learn more about the fundamentals of middle and distance running. Coaches work to build fitness and teach technique, while incorporating strength and conditioning, stretching, and form drills. Young runners also learn the importance of proper nutrition, hydration, and developing good sleep habits.  Development runners practice on both trails and the track and are encouraged to compete in races up to 5K.

Golden Running Academy’s Development Program is structured to offer an excellent running foundation and provide runners with all the skills necessary to advance to our next level of training: the Competitive Program. The Development program is open to boys and girls of all fitness and athletic levels from ages 8-14.  Practices are held twice per week. Dues are $100/month which equates to only $12.50 per session.

Andrew with Brad

Working on times during a GRA practice on the track.


GRA’s Competitive Program prepares passionate and dedicated young runners to compete and win in events up to 10K.  It is an intensive training program for athletes who seek to compete at the highest level and have the motivation and dedication to do so.  Training is designed to develop each runner’s speed and conditioning through fun and challenging sessions on trails, tracks, and in the gym.

While our Competitive runners train as a group, coaches at Golden Running Academy are committed to the development and success of each individual runner. Within the group context, training plans are customized to fit each runner and their specific goals.  Unlike other youth programs that practice with a ‘one size fits all’ training mentality, we believe our group + individual training method offers our runners a distinctive platform for success. GRA’s Competitive runners participate in strength and conditioning training year-round, and are given opportunities to participate in team cross-training activities that build fitness, strength, and flexibility such as snowshoeing, cycling, and rock climbing.  Our comprehensive training program is unlike any other program in the area and helps prevent athlete burn-out and injuries often caused by over or improper training. Competitive practices are held 3-5 days per week.  Dues are $150/month.

GRA partners with University of Colorado cross country staff and recruiters to host an informal tour and Q&A session for GRA “Extra Mile” parents and runners.


GRA’s High School Track Preparation Program is offered during the months following the cross-country season and leading up to the spring track and field season. The program is professionally designed to increase the fitness and durability of high school middle and long distance runners, to optimally prepare them for the spring track season. Athletes learn advanced running techniques and best practices that they can incorporate into their high school program and beyond.

Golden Running Academy’s High School “Extra Mile” Program offers 6 tailored training sessions weekly, a goal-setting session with our USATF Level II certified coach, and access to the industry-leading electronic tracking and analysis tool. In addition, the program provides a College Advisory Program to help educate parents and runners about collegiate level running programs and the recruiting process. This includes question and answer sessions with in-state college recruiters and opportunities to meet and talk with professional athletes who have or are competing in the sport. GRA offers several packages for this program, giving athletes flexibility in the cost and services they desire.

 Doing strength work after a GRA run at Red Rocks Amphitheater near Golden.


A hallmark of Golden Running Academy is our belief in the importance of strength and conditioning training to maximize sport performance and prevent injuries. We are committed to incorporating professional strength and conditioning training into our programs, and fully devote at least one practice per week to S&C training in our Competitive Program. GRA’s staff includes a CSCS-certified coach who utilizes the latest science and research in developing elite-level strength and conditioning programs for our athletes. Our coaches rely on proven methods for enhancing performance and reducing injury when integrating strength and conditioning into our practices. Our strength and conditioning training is designed to increase the mobility and efficiency of movement in our runners, with their long-term athletic development as the ultimate goal.